A Grand(ish) Opening: The Kitchen by Versed

So what's the Kitchen? We're kinda still figuring it out, really, but how we envision it now is as a free space for various forms of creative exploration. And sure, there are a lot of other platforms out there specifically optimized for design flexing. But in our Kitchen, we can can get a little messy and cook up design expression thats big in thinking, maybe less so in polish.

You into half realized ID concepts? Great, we'll have plenty of those. Do you like untested yet handsomely composed UI? Or loose process ideas (like real back of the napkin type stuff)? Good news, the Kitchen will be serving those up, as well.

  • Hot takes on classic brands.
  • Spiced-up recognizable digital experiences.
  • Obscure yet interesting physical design.
  • Even a little humor from time to time.

The Kitchen's menu is broad and diverse. Come by and visit.


Kitchen Staff.

The Kitchen: Hot & Fresh UX since 2022! Looking for a table? Check for available reservations or reach out to us directly. Look forward to seeing you!

Big Thinking


We at Versed feel like all digital products, whether it's a website, an application, a social program, etc, should be viewed as endless continuums for progressive optimization. Things like experience design, content, and features and functions should evolve over time based on a growing understanding of audience needs. Typically subtle evolution is a better strategy than radical experience shifts.

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First and foremost, what’s a digital experience audit and why should my company be doing one? Fundamentally, it’s a multifaceted evaluation of your digital products, platforms and touchpoints, as well as the enablers - people, processes, insights - supporting them. The objective of this holistic assessment is to gain an understanding of your company’s digital experience landscape and identify strengths, weaknesses and...

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