Are You a UX Pro Looking For Work Opportunities? Great – We Want You!

Interested in working with a rapidly-growing product design shop that services a diverse portfolio of clients and industries? Great, because we’re looking for people like you. Here at Versed, new and exciting opportunities continue to surface, and we’re in the market for a broad array of UX talent to add to our team.


Are you looking for full-time gig? Cool, we’re always hunting for quality folks that can come aboard. Are you an independent professional wanting part-time or subcontracting work? That’s OK, too. Our delivery practices often allow for flexibility in team resourcing, and talented people are talented people. Simply put, we've found having a good balance of FTEs, part-timers and subcontractors works for us.

Sincerely, we love talking to folks, so don't be shy!

Curious? As a first step, spend some time traversing through our site to learn more about us. From there, please fill out the form located HERE and provide a little more info about your particular UX talent, what you do, and what you're looking for. Once you submit, you’ll hear from us. Simple enough, right?

Hit us up – we’re definitely interested in meeting and working with great people, and always welcome a good conversation regardless of outcome. Cheers!

Big Thinking


We at Versed feel like all digital products, whether it's a website, an application, a social program, etc, should be viewed as endless continuums for progressive optimization. Things like experience design, content, and features and functions should evolve over time based on a growing understanding of audience needs. Typically subtle evolution is a better strategy than radical experience shifts.

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First and foremost, what’s a digital experience audit and why should my company be doing one? Fundamentally, it’s a multifaceted evaluation of your digital products, platforms and touchpoints, as well as the enablers - people, processes, insights - supporting them. The objective of this holistic assessment is to gain an understanding of your company’s digital experience landscape and identify strengths, weaknesses and...

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